Turnier der Meister 2014

Russian Olympian Denis Ablyazin and the German women won double golds on the first day of finals at the 38th Tournament of Masters, a World Challenge Cup held Saturday in Cottbus, Germany.
Ablyazin claimed the gold medal on floor exercise and still rings. On floor exercise, he tumbled a seven-pass marathon routine with a Randi; layout double-double; double-twisting front, double front; layout Thomas, piked Arabian double front; 2 1/2, front full; and a triple twist dismount.

Switzerland’s Claudio Capelli took second over top qualifier Diego Hypolito (Brazil), who took a very low landing on his own triple twist dismount.

On pommel horse, Olympic champion Krisztián Berki easily took the title. The former world champion outscored reigning world champion Kohei Kameyama, 15.550-14.900. Croatian specialist Robert Seligman won the bronze with 14.875.

Ablyazin claimed his second gold medal on still rings, edging Greek specialist Eleftherios Petrounias, 15.800-15.750. Former European champion Alexander Balandin (Russia) won the bronze.

Germany both women’s titles, with top qualifiers Janine Berger (vault) and Sophie Scheder (uneven bars) repeating their ranking.

On uneven bars, Scheder and runner-up Anna Rodionova were both outstanding with similar routines. Scheder showed off outstanding line and handstand as she swung to victory (inside Slalder-full to inside-Stalder-Shaposhnikova; inside Stalder; inside Stalder-blind to Jaeger; high full-twisting double back).

Looking much taller than she had at the 2013 World Championships,Rodioniova impressed with an inside-Stalder; toe-on full to toe-on to Stalder-Shaposhnikova to Pak salto; Maloney-half; toe-blind to Jaeger and a full-twisting double.

Hungary’s Noémi Makra, another gymnast with gorgeous lines, won the bronze.

Competition concludes Sunday with the remaining finals.

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